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I am not only willing to go to trial, I get excited over the prospect and I prepare my cases on the basis of that philosophy. Insurance companies consider this in terms of negotiations. Additionally, I understand scientific principles underlying the mechanism of injury, and I understand principles of medicine. More importantly, those that I am unfamiliar with, I put the time in order to know and understand enough to ex-plain to a jury. I handle ALL aspects of my cases.  Successful personal injury representation sometimes requires some intangible qualities; being a good communicator, especially in terms of communicating your life of pain to a jury who is being asked to award you money; thinking outside the box can mean presenting a legally cognizable theory. Being able to identify with victims, I am able to present a case to the jury that they can also identify with. This is crucial in telling your story. By presenting you as a real human person with real, personal injuries, the jury is in the best position to empathize with you in applying the facts to the law in an effort to compensate you.  As you read this website, try to match up what you are looking for with what I can provide.


In very basic terms, the three requirements needed to prove your case are: 1. Work related accident; 2. Causal relationship between the injury and work; 3. Notice of the injury to your employer. However, you are battling against an insurance carrier and its law firm, your employer, statutes, case law, strict medical guidelines, and of course, the doctor hired by the insurance company as an "independent medical examiner". Workers' compensation provides a very clear example of how preparation is required in order to prevail. As is the case in many things, what the consumer sees is the end product of much time spent in preparation, deposing these doctors, and presenting the case in as favorable a light as possible. If you have been injured on the job, you need to hire an experienced attorney willing to do what is necessary in order to properly prepare your case. After reviewing this website, don't you think you want me to represent you in what can be a long-term struggle in order to receive benefits in order to be able to support yourself?



Unfortunately, as relationships change, sometimes people move in separate directions. You have to protect yourself legally, in much the same way as a partnership divides its assets. When children are involved, it is clear that each parent wants what is best for the child, wants the maximum amount of time with their children, and still wants to be able to afford to live after the breakup. When custody is at stake, you have to present to the judge the factors that demonstrate how you can provide what is in the best interest of the child. Not all support matters are straightforward; there are factors that need to be presented in order to maximize your chances for a favorable outcome. Experience counts, as does the quality of presentation. In considering who to hire to represent you, consider who will best present these factors to the judge on your behalf in order to achieve the strongest, most favorable outcome. Consider what I can do for you.

As a former assistant DA, I have been involved in countless suppression hearings and trials; this quality experience forms the basis of a strong background necessary in order to properly defend people accused of crimes including DUI/DWI. Representing people who get arrested requires more than just accepting a retainer fee, reviewing the police report, and discussing a plea bargain. It is looking for gaps in the proof, starting as early as possible with a plausible theory of non-guilt, and being willing to exploit these things through motions, suppression hearings, pretrial negotiations, and trial. It not only requires intense preparation, but knowing what to prepare for and how to do so. Many times the difference between a jury returning a favorable verdict is attention to little things; by beginning at the end (one starts by reviewing the charge to the jury) an experienced criminal defense attorney knows what has to be proved and presented persuasively to the jury.  Your freedom is very valuable; you need  hire a capable attorney who will be your champion in what can be a hostile environment. As you read this website, especially the testimonials, decide whether you want me on your side.


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