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I have been trying cases since 1987, first as an assistant DA, and then in 1992 as a private attorney. I bring the same aggressive approach to my private practice that I had as an assistant DA. After you have read my website, if you think that I can be of assistance, I would like to hear from you.


EDUCATION: Hofstra University school of Law, Juris Doctorate May 1987




OTHER ORGANIZATIONS: Mensa, International High IQ Society, Elks (Vestal)

CALL ME: (607) 773-0758

two certificates that tell you  about me

As you enter my office, you will see the two plaques at the left on the wall, facing you. The top certificate is from the International High IQ Society. Membership is open to those who possess an IQ score in the top five per cent of the population. Membership in Mensa requires a score at or above the 98th percentile  on certain standardized IQ or other approved intelligence tests. In my case, I submitted my LSAT score (law school aptitude test). I tell you this so you know: if you come to my office with a particular type of case I have no experience in,  I feel that my intelligence, training including strong research skills,  along with persistence and a very strong desire to win offset any lack of experience  in a particular subject area. Placing it in more concrete terms, before I tried my first murder case, or my first civil case, I had no experience, but I relied on the skills and aptitudes listed above. I tell you these things not to brag, but to assist you in deciding whether to contact me to assist you with your case.

136 Court St., Binghamton 13901
Office Interior
...inner office you enter

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