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I began my legal career as an assistant DA, and I quickly recognized that while justice is a principle that the system values, many times justice needs to be helped along by an aggressive pursuit. After my sister was killed, I saw what my parents went through, and dedicating my career to assisting victims came naturally. I fight aggressively for my clients.


I have often wondered what factors people consider when hiring an attorney? Put another way, how do you begin to look for someone, and how do you know you're getting someone who will do the best possible job for the circumstances you find yourself in? Word of mouth is certainly one way; another would be to approach people who work in the system, especially in courthouses and ask them who they think does the best job. Without that kind of access, I suppose the next best thing is to see what a lawyer writes about himself as an indicator of ability. Someone who is unfamiliar with our system of justice is fighting against the odds.  I invite you to peruse this website for content, paying particular attention to the client testimonials, and decide whether I am the lawyer you need to champion your cause in what can often be a hostile system.








Family Law

 "I would truthfully say I would retain attorney Guyette over anyone else that I can speak or know of. Honest, dedicated, hard-working, trustworthy and truthful; those are factors that you look for in a lawyer. I am completely satisfied; If you feel that you need an attorney, someone that can restore your faith in the justice system, I would wholeheartedly recommend Kevin Guyette's law firm."  -  Charles Wilson, Binghamton, NY


LLloyd Knecht, President ANC Heating and Air Conditioning: "Kevin Guyette has provided

legal services for both my business and family for nine years. Kevin is very aggressive in

representing his clients. The best recommendation I can give for Kevin Guyette is this:

I would not want Kevin to represent my opposing party, it's that simple."



William R. Cahill, Assistant Chief,

Binghamton Police Department, retired:

" Kevin is an excellent attorney. He is my attorney and I recommend

him without reservation. He is above reproach in his honesty and integrity."



136 Court Street
Binghamton, NY 13901





(607) 773-0758


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